The Museum of Dr.Sun Yat-sen

Founded in 1956, Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence Memorial Hall is now a national first-level museum, a national patriotic education demonstration base, and a national clean government education base.
Sun Yat-sen’s Former Residence Memorial Hall focuses on the protection of the former national key cultural relics protection unit, Sun Yat-sen’s former residence, and manages the Chinese historical and cultural villages – Cuiheng Village, Guangdong’s cultural relics protection unit Yang Yin’s former residence and Lu Yidong’s former residence, and more than 20 surrounding Cuiheng Village. Cultural relics protection unit.
Opened to the public including Sun Yat-sen Memorial Exhibition Area, Cuiheng Residential Exhibition Area, Agricultural Culture Exhibition Area, Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Area, Xinhai Revolution Memorial Park and Yang Yin Lu Yidong Memorial Exhibition Area, etc., forming "Sun Yat-sen and its growth" The social environment is a display system that combines material and cultural heritage with the theme of historical commemoration and folklore.

Former residence of Sun Yat-sen

Cuiheng residential display area

Farming culture display area

Other exhibition areas

Intangible cultural heritage Eunice

Lu Yidong, Yang Yin Memorial Exhibition Area