About Zhongshan

As we know, Zhongshan is the hometown of Sun Yat-sen, a great pioneer of Chinese democratic revolution. Besides, Zhongshan is also a tourist city where people can enjoy leisure, visit historic spots, and live for health maintenance. Now let me give you a brief introduction to Zhongshan.

Located on the west bank of the Pearl River, Zhongshan has a long history of more than 860 years with rich modern celebrity culture and folk culture, and is a livable city in South China. It is also the only city in China named after a great man.

As an intersection of Zhuhai, Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou, Zhongshan is only one hour’s drive away from each city and has an advantageous geographical location.

Since 2017, Zhongshan has opened multiple high-speed rail lines to Guilin, Guiyang, Changsha, Beijing and Shanghai, and achieved direct connection to many cities in north-central China.

As a famous historical city, Zhongshan was called Xiangshan in ancient times because of the fragrant and exotic flowers on Wugui Mountain. It was established as a county in the 22nd year of Shaoxing, Southern Song Dynasty.

In 1925, Xiangshan was renamed Zhongshan County for commemorating Mr. Sun Yat-sen.

Up to now, Zhongshan has 37 national-level industrial bases and 18 provincial-level professional towns. It has won the “UN Habitat Award” promulgated by the United Nations and has now become a tourist city integrating historic sites of celebrities, urban cultural landscape, and idyllic scenery.

When speaking about Zhongshan, you may think of Sun Yat-sen, Guzhen town (China’s Lighting Capital), nationally known Chrysanthemum Exhibition, traditional rosewood culture, and tantalizing foods, thus attracting you to visit Zhongshan.