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Zhongshan Lihe Square has created many first places in Zhongshan – the twin towers with the highest height of 209 meters, the first aerial helicopter apron in Zhongshan, and the first aerial swimming pool in Zhongshan.
Introduced the world's fast-food clothing giant H&M, global clothing retail giant Uniqlo, Jiahe Cinema, Hilton Hotel, blt boutique supermarket, Jiadian chain store, Burger King, the world's most expensive coffee "cat coffee", these brands are Entered Zhongshan for the first time.
The overall building of Leewa Square consists of two 55-story towers in the shape of a “Gemini”. In 2012, the East Tower was approved by the municipal government and named as Zhongshan International Financial Center (five A Grade A office building). The West Tower is a five-star Lihe Hilton Hotel with a height of 209 meters. It is known as the highest landmark on the west bank of the Pearl River and the floor is Lihe Square 60. Floor, Hilton Hotel 60 floors.

Lihe Square has a total construction area of ​​420,000 square meters. The 209-meter-high Gemini Tower is the tallest building in Zhongshan, the city landmark and the city card! The project consists of four sections: International Finance Center, Lee & Plaza Shopping Center, Lee & Hilton Hotel, and Lee & International Residence. Among them, 120,000 square meters of Zhongshan International Financial Center is named by Zhongshan City Government. It is built with international 5A standards and equipped with a special helipad on the top floor. It is the premier business landmark on the west bank of the Pearl River; the 130,000 m2 large-scale Lihe Plaza Shopping Center is built in Zhongshan with rare and large-scale commercial support, and the introduction of international famous products H&M, high-end living supermarket BLT, first-line cinema Jiahe, and food and beverage group Fuyi Group. Top shopping malls, promoting a new experience of shopping, food, leisure, cultural and entertainment one-stop life; 90,000 square meters of international five-star Lee

and Hilton hotels, relying on the advantages of urban complex planning and landmark construction, adhering to the concept of quality brand management, Designed according to the standard of Platinum five-star hotel, it is the best choice for business and leisure tourists. It is the best choice for business and leisure tourists. The high-quality “Leihe International Residence” of 80,000 square meters of high-end business hotel service is designed for the city CEO circle. The senior management of the floor is tailor-made for the Lee Square The sale of the property, it is Zhongshan most investment value of the property.

The project is located at the intersection of the four backbones of Zhongshan Road, Xingzhong Road, Bo'ai Road and Shaoguan West Road in Zhongshan City. It enjoys the access to the urban transportation system. The Zhongshan Sunken Tunnel leads directly to the underground parking lot, achieving seamless project and urban traffic. connection.

Daxin • Xinduhui – the latest influx of people in Zhongshan
A lot of discounts! Merchants are almost smashed
Daxin•Xinduhui B Building opened, the whole city celebrated, and many merchants enjoyed the benefits.
It is understood that there are 7 floors in Block B of Daxin•Xinduhui, which brings together many fashion trends brands.
First entered the Zhongshan brand nearly 60.

Haidilao hot pot, entertainment engraving - iQiyi, chasing the wind on the world, UR, Sephora .....
There is also the most fashionable high-end brand of Baijia (Mainland), quality food supermarket TASTE
In addition to these, H&M, Uniqlo, Innocent, Venetian Western Restaurant, Zhiqu Paradise, which are popular among Zhongshan citizens.....



Eat, buy, buy, shop, play and walk!
The unique luxury and fashion traits of Block B of Daxin•Xinduhui
Fashion people
what are you waiting for?
Inflamed taste buds, sensitive smell, swaying desire
a heart that pursues food,
An attitude to catch up with the trend,
a change in reincarnation,
Let’s start with Block B of Daxin•Xinduhui.
Address: No. 2, Lianren East Road, Shijie District, Zhongshan City

  Xingzhong Square, the first of the business projects of the Zhongshan Municipal Government, is located at the core of Zhongshan City, west of Fuhuadao Commercial Circle, east of Sun Wenxi Pedestrian Street Commercial Circle, north of Guangming Business Circle, and south of Zhongyu Commercial Circle. The core out-of-print resources, the first phase of planning is A, B, C three major plots, all of them come to the first line of the river, the total investment of more than 1.2 billion, with a total construction area of more than 140,000 square meters. Xingzhong Square is based on the world's most prestigious lifestyle mall, which combines shopping and leisure, dining and entertainment, tourism and business.

Xingzhong Group, a large state-owned group in Zhongshan City, is designed with the “West Pearl River Delta Chief Riverside Commercial Flagship” as the design concept. It combines the planning and design of the world's most famous Singapore-based DP (DP) Architects, and the top commercial traffic consultant MVA is responsible for transportation design and international The top business consultancy, DTZ, is responsible for the overall planning, Hong Kong Kaisheng Property Management Manager, and the world's outstanding landscape design team, commercial operation organization, decoration design master... Really big-handed, high-start international planning, world-class Urban commercial landmarks.

The commercial planning of Xingzhong Square is designed as one of the three cities of Yijiang Third Street: “One River” is the tour of the Yangtze River; “Three Streets” is the only Nanyang style shopping “Pedestrian Street” in China, and the national-level riverside food “Bar Street” and carefully planned The world's "famous street"; plus "Magic City", "Fashion Department Store", "IMAX Giant Screen City", "Children's Entertainment City", "Trend KTV City", the nine major themes for Xingzhong Square .

Lizhong Square is located in the Central Shandong District. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Zhongshan, the seat of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and the urban financial business administrative concentration area. It is blessed with perfect urban support and mature commercial system, bringing together high-income people in the city and leading the consumption of Zhongshan. The new trend, one-stop complex to fully meet the full range of urban needs, is the heart of Zhongshan's most promising city.

Gathering the popularity of the West Pearl River Delta.

Based on the principle of world-class vision and world-class experience, Xingzhong Plaza has invested in high-standard and high standards, and successfully introduced the Spanish clothing brand ZARA, the first high-end brand flagship store in Zhuxi, the world's first fast fashion apparel; Malaysia Parkson Department Store - China's strongest Foreign Department Store & Boutique Supermarket; Hong Kong Daoxiang Catering - Hong Kong-listed Catering Group Zhuxi's first flagship store; Australia's STAR BUFFET Seafood Buffet - China's first Australian restaurant chain to land in Zhongshan; South Korea's CGV Star International Giant Screen Studio - Guangdong Pearl The first digital IMAX multiplex cinema in the West; the Guangzhou Songs Club will sell KTV - South China to the trend brand; the Golden Horse Magic Sky Ferris wheel - the first

100 meters in the Pearl River Delta Riverside Magic Wheel; International Food Bar Street - 800 meters country The class of Riverside Food Bar Street has made Zhongshan a business card, commercial landmark and tourist attraction in Zhuxi.

Best season: all seasons
Tickets: Free
Opening hours: --
Address: No. 1, South Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City

Huayi Plaza is located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, with a total construction area of more than 420,000 square meters. It is centered on Huayi International Lighting Plaza and has five functions: shopping center, Wyndham, Vienna star hotel, Grade A office building and banquet hall. District, allowing customers to experience the perfect one-stop lighting business, procurement

services and business travel.

As a national distributor procurement center and lighting city service center, it attracts international buyers, import and export companies, customs declaration companies, logistics and distribution, financial services, e-commerce institutions, etc., making the global lighting buyers and sellers more convenient and reliable. 300,000 square meters of magnificent lighting, more than 300 lighting brands stationed together to create a world lighting brand feast. Huayi International Lighting Plaza is equipped with six Chinese lighting halls, such as Chinese Pavilion, European Pavilion, Modern Pavilion, Lighting Development Hall, Crystal Pavilion and Import Pavilion. It also takes care of the wholesale, engineering and retail operations of lighting channels to make your shopping trip more Convenient.

Huayi Plaza is a business landmark of China's Dengdu Ancient Town; Huayi Plaza Shopping Center is a rare and large-scale commercial package. By introducing famous brands at home and abroad, it creates the top shopping center in Zhongshan Guzhen and the banquet hall Huaxuan, which can accommodate thousands of people. Huayan, advocating shopping, food, leisure, cultural and entertainment one-stop business life new experience; Wyndham five-star hotel, Vienna four-star hotel relying on the advantages of urban complex planning and landmark construction, adhering to the quality brand management philosophy, It is the best choice for both business and leisure travelers.