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The Shijie-Macau ancient road

The Shijie-Macau ancient road was built in the Qing Dynasty (1860), with a total length of 70 kilometers and a distance of 55 kilometers from Zhongshan. It used to be a land passage from the town of Shijiazhuang in Zhongshan to Macao. It was once connected to Guangdong and Macao. One of the important passages of the "Maritime Silk Road". Over time, most of the ancient roads have disappeared. The only existing ancient gongs in the Wugui Mountain are about 5 kilometers. It is also the longest passage of the Shiji-Macau ancient road. The ruins of Yunxiao Temple and the ruins of Tongyu Land Temple are scattered along the line. Nearly 10 historical relics such as the "Xu Zhenjun Maxim" stone monument have high historical and humanistic values and have been listed as one of the eight ancient roads under development and utilization in the province.

The Shijie-Macau Trail was once a prosperous trade channel and official road in history. It is known as the “Chika Ancient Road in Zhongshan”. It is a link and bridge connecting the mainland and Macao. It has witnessed the economic and trade exchanges and culture between Guangdong and Macao. The history of integration is also a microcosm of China's move to the world and reform and opening up.

The Shijie-Macau ancient road has a long history, rich cultural connotations, beautiful natural environment, special historical and human values and important practical significance. She has close ties with modern historical celebrities such as Sun Yat-sen, Lin Zexu, and Zheng Guanying. The mottled ancient road marks the footsteps of Zhongshan's modern dynasty to change China's destiny. During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the Communist Party established the Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Base with the establishment of the Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Base, and established the Zhujiang Column. The Shuao Ancient Road became an important activity area for the Zhongshan Anti-Japanese War, remembering and inheriting the Communists. Insulting, throwing the red gene of the blood.

The starting point of the elite section of the Shijiazhuang-Macau Ancient Road Zhongshan Section is the entrance of Wuxin Mountain Wanxin Garden. The end point is to Didougang. The elite section is 5.55 kilometers long and the main section is 4.5 kilometers. In addition, the 1.05 km connecting line is established by relying on the original village road. Although the Zhongshan section is a mountain-type ancient road, it is hard to get up the mountain, but it is good to repair the mountain road, and Wugui Mountain is the best place for environmental protection in Zhongshan. The mountain is full of green, quiet air and rich in negative oxygen ions. Hiking and hiking.

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Bus: Bus No. 216, 213, and K09 in Zhongshan City

Self-driving: Pearl River Delta Ring Expressway - Zhonghuan Road - Chengnan Road - X580 - Chenggui Road - Wanxin Garden