Former residence of Yang Rizhen and Yang Rizhen

The former residence of the anti-Japanese martyrs Yang Rizhen and Yang Rizhen, the "revolutionary mother" Tan Xing also lived here for a long time.

Yang Rizhen (1918~1942), a native of Cuiheng Village, served as the squadron leader of the Wuguishan Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Brigade during the Anti-Japanese War. He was the deputy officer and deputy captain of the "Tongsan" Liang Boxiong Group, and the anti-Japanese guerrillas directly led by the Nanshun Zhongshun Center Committee. A main squadron squadron leader. In May 1942, he died in a battle against the floating market. Yang Rizhen (1919~1944), Yang Riqi’s younger brother was the squadron leader of the first main squadron of the anti-Japanese guerrillas led by the Nanfan Zhongshun guerrilla zone command, and participated in the battle against the Japanese and puppet troops. On April 15, 1944, when attacking the 15th Squadron of the Zhangxi Puppet Sanctuary, he took on the task of attacking the enemy camp and sacrificed in the fierce battle.