Feng Ancestral Hall

Feng's Ancestral Hall is located in Cuiheng Village, Nanlang Town. It was built in the Qing Dynasty and covers an area of 118 square meters. It is a three-storey two-roof layout with brick and wood structure. Feng’s Ancestral Hall was originally a family ancestral hall of Feng’s family in Cuiheng Village. It was used as a village in Cuiheng Village in the late Qing Dynasty. It mainly recruits children from the village to study the four books and five classics and conduct enlightenment education. From 1875 to 1878, Sun Yat-sen studied here and became a good friend with Lu Jidong and other students. He also opposed the teaching methods that the sergeant only asked the students to memorize without explaining the meaning of the book, leaving a lot of anecdotes. Sun Yat-sen’s former residence memorial hall has carried out protective maintenance on the raft.

In November 2000, Feng's Ancestral Hall was listed as a cultural relics protection unit in Zhongshan City.