The integration of culture and travel, a better life - 2019 "China Tourism Day" Zhongshan theme "i tour new Zhongshan enjoy the new life" activity started in Diyin Lake

The integration of culture and travel, a better life - 2019 "China Tourism Day" Zhongshan theme "i tour new Zhongshan enjoy the new life" activity started in Diyin Lake

Today is the ninth China Tourism Day, sponsored by Zhongshan City Culture, Radio, and Tourism Bureau, co-organized by Diyan Lake Eco-tourism Resort, Triangle Town, Zhongshan City, and Zhongshan China Media Technology Co., Ltd. planned to implement the 2019 China Tourism Day Zhongshan Theme Event It was officially opened in the town of Diyin Lake in the Sanjiao town.

The theme of this China Tourism Day was “The Integration of Culture and Tourism, Better Life”, Xu Xiaoli, Vice Mayor of Zhongshan Municipal People's Government, Luo Jianhua, Director of Zhongshan Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Ning Quan, Deputy Researcher of Propaganda Department of Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, Zhongshan Culture and Radio and Television Deng Shuling, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau, Feng Weixiong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Triangle Town, leaders of the Zhongshan Tourism Association, Zhongshan Economic Promotion Association, Zhongshan Information Industry Association, Zhongshan Internet Culture Association, Zhongshan Eastern District Chamber of Commerce, Zhongshan Wenchuang Association, etc. Guests, more than 60 representatives of Zhongshan City Tourism Enterprise, Zhongshan TV, Zhongshan Daily, Zhongshan Net, Southern Metropolis Daily, Nanfang Daily, Zhongshan Radio and more than 10 media and nearly a thousand visitors from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District participated in the launch. The ceremony witnessed the unveiling of this event.

The event aims to promote the deep integration of the cultural travel and further meet the needs of the masses.

Luo Jianhua, director of the Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, said at the launching ceremony that this year is the first year of the integration of the arts and tourism. With the launch of the China Tourism Day, Zhongshan will seize the development opportunities of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District for the public and Visitors provide high-quality cultural travel products and services to create a bright future for the integration of Zhongshan Business Travel.

All staff work together to help "double innovation" action
The activity launched “Civilized Tourism for Zhongshan” and assisted Zhongshan’s “Double Creation” signature campaign, calling on the general public, tourists and tourism practitioners to become practitioners, guides and helpers of civilized tourism. Visitors and tourists have joined the event to support the civilized tourism and national public cultural service system demonstration zones, and jointly praised Zhongshan!

Theme event brings a new experience
The theme activities in the venue were brilliant, the theme car show, RV camping experience, "Zhongshan" food train, food treasure map, starry sky concert, grass open air movie and other forms of activities.

Among them, the theme caravan exhibition area and the RV camping experience area, which are built with the famous scenic spots in Zhongshan, are full of creativity and convey the concept of “leisure tourism + good life” in a novel form, attracting many tourists to stop and punch cards.
The gourmet trains are home to Zhongshanese specialties such as Huangqi Lawei, Shenwan Pineapple, Xiaolan Fish Ball, Aunt Tofu, and Rose Flower. They are decorated in the form of high-speed trains and attract tourists.

At night, the starry sky concert, the net red starlight promenade, and more local bands to help out, overturn the audience!
Grass open-air movie, the stars are covered with night sky, the water ripples over the feet, pull up the big screen to watch the movie, and enjoy the tranquility of the night!

Huimin measures to send travel benefits
In order to let more tourists share the happiness of the integration of cultural and travel development, the tourist attractions in Zhongshan City took this event as an opportunity to launch a series of measures to benefit the people and organize a variety of activities. During the tourism day, a total of 17 scenic spots in the city will offer free or half-price tickets, so that tourists can enjoy better quality tourism products at a more favorable price. Let visitors know about the changes in Zhongshan tourism, feel the beauty of Zhongshan tourism, encourage and attract tourists to participate in the tourism experience, and truly experience the meaning of “integration of culture and travel”.


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