When it comes to Zhongshan, the tempting nature is also the Cantonese cuisine on the tip of the tongue. Zhongshan's food culture has a long history. Zhongshan cuisine has a wide selection of materials, fine workmanship, and attention to heat.

The sarcophagus pigeon is the most famous; the Dongsheng crispy meat is “crunchy” unstoppable; the Shaxi buckle meat is melted at the entrance; the yellow scorpion wax tastes good; the Sanxiang powder is fragrant; The squid ball has a strong aroma; the macaroons are soft and delicious.

Zhongshan’s New Year’s snacks

Does Zhongshan’s New Year’s snacks remind you of your childhood memories?

Every new year

In addition to buying flowers and flowers outside the street

Every household in Zhongshan will prepare a variety of Chinese New Year snacks.

Oil angle, fried pile, rice, money ring, etc.

The fried food is good and elegant.

Almond cake

Zhongshan almond cake is the traditional name of Guangdong Zhongshan. Originally created by Yi Gu Lu cake house at the beginning of this century, two or three years later, there was a sudden rise in the cake garden. The almond cake is famous for its taste and taste. It was at its peak from 20s to early 30s, and its products were exported to the Americas and Southeast Asian countries. The entrance almond is rich in aroma, crisp and sweet, and is well received by the customers.

Shiqi pigeon

Shiqi Pigeon: Named after Shiqi town, Shiqi Pigeon is bright-colored, crispy, tender, with a strong scent of juice. A soft bite can bring lasting relish on lips and teeth.

Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fish Ball

Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fish Ball: Wrapped with fresh lettuce leaf, it is crispy and tender. You can feel a distinctive flavor by dipping the clam sauce and edible chrysanthemum.

Dongsheng Crisped Grass Carp

Dongsheng Crisped Grass Carp: Grasp carps with crisp skin and elastic flesh are used. It can be cooked in multiple ways such as casserole, iced, baked, pan-fried, and braised, providing you with different delicious tastes. 

Haizhou fish cake

Haizhou Fish Cake: It is a well-known food in Zhongshan. The cooking process is as follows: Adopt boned dace with special seasonings, knead it to fish slide and beat forcibly, then use a mould to press it to small round cakes, and finally fry the cakes. It has irresistible fragrance and is crispy and tender. You are recommended to eat Haizhou Fish Cake when it is well cooked to enjoy its dry aroma and good taste.

Shaxi Braised Pork

Shaxi Braised Pork: Using streaky pork and taro as materials with up to 20 complicated cooking processes and more than 20 seasonings, it is flavorful and gives you a melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

Sanxiang Powder

The noodle is made of special technology, and its powder is tough, slippery and refreshing, similar to Guilin rice noodles. With the above soup meat, you can cook delicious soup powder. The Zhongshan three township Lai powder produced by the processing plant is one of the five famous brand rice noodles exported by Guangdong province.

Shenwan Pineapple

Shenwan Pineapple, special product of Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China National Geographical Indication Products.
Shenwan pineapple, round or oval, with deeper fruit. The flesh is golden, sweet and juicy, rich in honey, crisp and slag-free.

Yellow scent

Huangqi Lawei is one of the geographical indication products of Guangdong and is produced in Huangpi Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. There are more than 60 kinds of varieties of Huangqi Lawei. It is famous for its fine selection, fine craftsmanship, unique color and fragrance. It is famous for its wide-style bacon. It is sold to the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia. Waiting for the place. Has become a business card in Huangpi Town.

Zhongshan powder

Zhongshan Powder Fruit is one of the traditional places in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. It has a long history, including Jinlu. In addition, there are also angles, leaves, red dates and so on. The powdered fruit is mixed with chopped noodles, raw flour, water, lard, and salt. The pork is served with pork, lean meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and fresh shrimps with soy sauce, white sugar, flavored flour, and oyster sauce. It has been carefully packaged.