Intangible cultural heritage

Intangible cultural heritage is a nation's ancient life memory and living cultural genes, reflecting the wisdom and spirit of a nation. In the land of Zhongshan, a land of outstanding people, there is a rich intangible cultural heritage. In order to pass on the precious spiritual wealth of the ancestors, in recent years, with the cooperation of all walks of life, the cultural department of Zhongshan City is in the towns of the city. Conducted a census and excavation of carpet-type intangible cultural heritage, and carried out in-depth excavation of more than 300 intangible cultural heritage projects with a long history and deep hidden in folk folk music, folk dances, folk customs, etc. It is stipulated that detailed records of these projects have been recorded and reported for protection. Among them, Zhongshan Salt Water Song, Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Club, Nanlang Yakou Color, Drunken Dragon Dance, and Juxiangyuan Almond Cake traditional production techniques are precious. The intangible cultural heritage of cultural values ​​and heritage values ​​has been included in the national or provincial-level protection list. These precious intangible cultural heritages have become a cultural brand in Zhongshan. Through these intangible cultural heritages with unique cultural values, people have learned about the historical and cultural development of Zhongshan, the most happy city, and solved the genetic code of the harmonious development of Zhongshan society.

Municipal intangible cultural heritage

National intangible cultural heritage

Provincial-level intangible cultural heritage